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Hi. I’m Denise Reddy. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a family of German origins and I live in the USA with my husband, who hails from India. Maybe this is why I feel like a citizen of the world, and why I feel such a calling to leave it better than I found it. I am a strong believer that we can all play a part in this, without having to go live in Tibet (which is not to say there’s anything wrong with living in Tibet). But if yakking to a Yak is not your thing, how can you live in harmony without harming the planet? That was the question I asked myself and I’m hoping to respond with the creation of Harebell.

On one of my trips home to Argentina, I brought back a book given to me by my grandmother - Oma, as we say in German. In it, a flower was marked up with a hand-written note next to it that said: “this is the flower you liked so much.” The book had a dedication from my grandmother’s grandmother, which is to say that somehow, the image of a Harebell flower traveled to me through five generations of women. How could I not listen to the Universe? This is how Harebell was born, a business wanting to change the world through the organic beauty of biomaterials, new technologies in materials which produce oxygen, and even soaps or oils obtained from sustainable processes.

This is me. This is Harebell.
Maybe, deep within, we are one.
Thank you for coming along this journey with us!


Imagine a dot. That’s you. Imagine waves rippling out, first reaching your family, then your friends, your community, your city, your country and finally encompassing the whole of the planet. This is the impact you have with each thing you do and use. And you can choose to be part of the problem or the solution. In Harebell, we are part of the solution.

In Harebell, we believe there’s a different way of relating to the world and things around us; where we can use what we need and not consume in excess, where we can make our own contributions so our impact is not simply neutral; but positive. This is why we want to become the best business FOR the world and not OF the world.

This is why we have selected the best products from every corner of the planet, products that are well made and make you and the planet well.
Personal care, health, home, beauty: the possibilities to have a positive impact are as infinite as our planet’s resources are finite.
Some may think we’re a grain of sand in the beach, a drop of water in the ocean: we prefer to think we are the first step in a long march towards a new way of understanding consumption.

Harebell Boutique: Play Your Part

I am very grateful to this wonderful team:

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